2015 Branch Elections

img-8July 17, 2015

During the month of June the Australian Electoral Commission conducted the 2015 Branch Elections, as a result of these elections the following people  have been elected by the membership for the next four years from 1 August 2015:-

Branch President – Bryan Watkins

Branch Vice-Presidents – Peter Noble, Roy Waller & Colleen Noonan (Affirmative Action)

Branch Secretary – Barry McVee

Branch Committee of Management –

Postal – Christine Rabey, Stephen Plichta, John Vagg, Kevin Brown, Matthew Wilson & John Evangelista.

Telecommunications – Michael Banting, Andrew Gomersall, Mark Kelly, John Kus & John Tredrea

Barry McVee (Postal) and John Tredrea (Telecommunications) were also elected to the positions of Divisional Executive Member and Divisional Conference Member for their respective industry groups.

A copy of the Declaration of the Election is attached below.


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